Eli Elezra Einer der schwersten Finaltische des Sommers

Eliahu „Eli“ Ilan Elezra ist ein professioneller amerikanisch-israelischer Pokerspieler. Er ist vierfacher Braceletgewinner der World Series of Poker und gewann einmal das Main Event der World Poker Tour. Im Rahmen der Eliahu „Eli“ Ilan Elezra (hebräisch אלי אלעזרא ; * November in Jerusalem​) ist ein professioneller amerikanisch-israelischer Pokerspieler. Er ist vierfacher. Eli Elezra hat Schulden. Viele Schulden. Nun hat sich Abe Mosseri zu Wort gemeldet. Der Poker-Pro gibt an, dass Elezra ihm nicht nur Geld. die Entscheidung beim $ Seven Card Stud Event der diesjährigen World Series of Poker, und der Poker Veteran Eli Elezra konnte sein. Auf PokerGo wurde gestern ein Poker After Dark $10k Sit & Go Turnier übertragen mit bekannten Profis wie Eli Elezra, Jennifer Tilly oder Maria Ho. Mitspielen.

Eli Elezra

Der israelische Pokerspieler Eli Elezra hat am Montag sein viertes Armband bei der World Series of Poker in Las Vegas gewonnen. die Entscheidung beim $ Seven Card Stud Event der diesjährigen World Series of Poker, und der Poker Veteran Eli Elezra konnte sein. Eli Elezra wurde am November in Jerusalem geboren und ist israelisch-​US-amerikanischer professioneller Pokerspieler und lebt in Las Vegas.

Eli Elezra - Ergebnis WSOP Event #20

Although she ultimately got her master's degree in electrical engineering, it was poker that she chose to pursue as a profession. His experience with the game and his time in front of a camera made Van Patten a natural choice for the World Series of Poker in , and when the World Poker Tour made its debut in , he was hired alongside Mike Sexton as commentator. Am beliebtesten. He was tasked with bringing players to the property, and as a result helped to popularize live tournaments in Belgium. The Coeur D'Alene, Idaho native began taking poker more seriously after seeing the wins put up by his friend and fellow poker pro Kevin MacPhee. Martini also has a win at the Poker Masters, and recently made the final table in the World Series of Poker Europe main event. Dann leg am Anfang los und hör auf zu grübeln. Forum Rules. I was shocked and suprised go here name was used. Mark Forums Read. Go after him. I lost a lot of my link wealth. For the record, this includes Shaun Deeb, to whom I still owe some money and with whom I am on great, friendly terms. I couldn't resist. Eli Elezra Am Anfang sind wir gleich los und haben das ganze Signavio-Büro besichtigt. Los Angeles adds an additional 42, square feet of warehouse space, further extending the company's portfolio of supply chain management services to clients in Southern California and. But then it was time for Kaizers - and they went full throttle right from the beginning. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a in Beste finden Spielothek Neuarnsdorf version or update your Flash plugin. Just start at one pocket and off you go.

Elezra continued to answer some questions in the thread, but most users weren't having it and asked him to more seriously address the allegations.

Some hours later, South came back to the thread with further details and evidence of his claims.

He posted a screenshot of him reaching out to Elezra. After numerous responses from the TwoPlusTwo community, including several at the time uncorroborated allegations of Elezra owing more money to other players as well, the thread was deleted on Jan.

After outrage over the deleting, the original thread was later brought back by the admins of TwoPlusTwo but remained locked with the discussion continuing in the new thread.

Forum user "Privatetime," by many believed to be by the same person as the banned "Privateworld" — an account that posted rumors and gossip about the high stakes poker world in Las Vegas with some being confirmed while others remained uncorroborated — posted more stories and background example 1 and 2.

User "Cashgameplayer" again added to the thread with more unverified inside information. Twenty-seven minutes later, forum administrator Mason Malmuth clarified that he had confirmed that the user was not Abe Mosseri, but an imposter.

While user "Cashgameplayer" and Mat Sklansky were getting into an argument in the thread, it was announced by the TwoPlusTwo owners that Elezra would come with a statement within two days.

Meanwhile, forum user "Dr. Rob G Thompson" wrote a lengthy post about being scammed by Elezra back in , but other forum users shot holes in that story right away.

Cole South, still posting under the user name "CTS," was quick to reply. He added a screenshot of getting ghosted by Elezra.

Elezra replied not much later, stating he had left South a voicemail message. South replied the two had talked and cleared the air.

A couple of hours later, a new user with the name "AbeandLeesa" showed up in the thread and posted the following:. PokerNews reached out to a high stakes poker player who knows Abe Mosseri and asked him for Mosseri's details to confirm it was him replying.

The player relayed the message that Mosseri didn't want to comment to PokerNews. Asked if he could confirm it was Abe Mosseri replying, he replied with a simple 'Yeah.

It's him. In a subsequent post, Mosseri elaborated a bit more:. Mosseri later stated that the loan was initially for over 1 million and that Elezra paid back a bit for the first three months, nine years ago.

Mosseri, who claimed he had no previous experience with TwoPlusTwo , remained an active poster in the thread, answering questions from users.

In one of his messages , he explained why he had come forward:. In a phone call on January 31st, Elezra reached out to PokerNews to tell his side of the story - a side he hasn't expressed in any of the threads on TwoPlusTwo yet.

Before anything, Elezra wants to make it clear he believes the forum account not to be handled by Mosseri himself, but by Mosseri's girlfriend.

Elezra received the money from Mosseri on Full Tilt Poker in a time that the latter was doing well, winning millions under his account "EazyPeazy," while Elezra himself wasn't doing so well online.

Via the player to player transfer option, Elezra received large sums of money with the stipulation that he would pay him back in the same manner, via Full Tilt Poker.

A smaller part of the money owed, Elezra said, was borrowed in Bobby's Room as well, but the majority of it was on Full Tilt Poker.

The money loaned from Mosseri was lost to other players online, not stuck in limbo when the site was closed. I lost probably the best part of the money he gave me, I lost it in and I got Abe back online basically.

Elezra was quick to add that doing something good for someone at one time, is no excuse to not repay later.

But what puzzles him, Elezra said, is that he had a reasonable relationship with Mosseri for all those years, talking at least bi-monthly about their lives, but after Cole South came forward, all of the sudden Mosseri came online on the poker forum to out him.

It was the allegation that Elezra had threatened Mosseri's family and Mosseri himself. Elezra went out of his way to deny that claim.

This is so ridiculous! I would never! Never ever in my life! According to Elezra, the person behind the 'AbeandLeesa' account is not Mosseri himself, but his girlfriend.

Elezra alleges that the incoherent messages and lack of proper structure is not at all how Mosseri writes or speaks, but more the profile of his partner.

Elezra shined light on some background having to do with Mosseri's girlfriend. Why did he ever give me the money? A story circulated that Elezra had been attacked in the Bellagio some years ago.

Elezra admitted that it was Mosseri's girlfriend who was the lady in question that hit him. The dealer got up and held her and they immediately called security.

Security came and they looked at the tape and immediately they asked him to leave the hotel and they 86'ed her for good from the Bellagio.

There were six people in my game and four or five people in his game that saw it. Asked why he agreed to the 'Ask Me Anything' thread in the first place, knowing very well there were people out there who could contradict some of his statements, Elezra said: "I did not see it coming obviously.

Mason was very clear when he came and said 'Eli, part of the marketing would be an Ask me Anything.

Are you ready for that? Elezra said he felt confident venturing into the online world, as he had a clear arrangement with Shaun Deeb over money owed, and his daughter would help him with answering the questions since he himself wasn't so tech savvy.

But, after three different threads and hundreds of comments, Elezra isn't planning on going back to the online forum anytime soon.

While the number of people he owes money to is not a hundred, it's also not just three as there are others next to Shaun Deeb, Cole South, and Abe Mosseri, Elezra admitted.

The app, at one time incredibly popular with high stakes poker players, turned out to be not as secure as previously thought, as detailed by Barry Greenstein in a post he wrote on the PokerStars Blog.

Elezra has three or four outstanding debts over money lost on the app, he says, each being in the four-figure or low five-figure range.

A similar arrangement goes for the WSOP, he said. In the thread, Cole South was the one to come out with his story first.

South attested that Elezra didn't reply. Elezra said: "Cole South sent me one message right after I won my bracelet two or three years ago.

The story about the doctor who flew back home and then back to Vegas to loan him money, Elezra just laughed, saying that never happened.

If you want to read the book despite, or maybe because of, all that is written here, you can buy the book ' Pulling the Trigger ' on Amazon.

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Show more posts Loading Shaun and I are on good terms. If you saw us together in the Bahamas playing and chatting, you would understand.

Poker players are always lending each other money. I always pay my debts. I really don't like to get involved in public drama, but I can't stay on the sidelines when I see something like this.

At the end of the session, one of the most seasoned high stakes Vegas regs pulled me aside and warned me what I did wasn't a good idea, and not to do it again.

We didn't cross paths my final few days in Vegas that summer. The deals and arrangements they make in this regard have always been private and I believe they will always remain private.

Why would I borrow money? When the global financial crisis hit many years ago, it really took a hard toll on my business.

I lost a lot of my personal wealth. But I still wanted to play in high stakes games. I get plenty of buzz and enjoyment playing for lower stakes.

When a poker player decides to lend another poker player money, they do so with the inherent risk that it might not be paid back.

At no time when I borrowed money did I ever make a promise to pay loans back the next day. During the Full Tilt days, money flowed like water and when it came to paying people back it was never an issue.

I never hide from my debts. To the best of my knowledge, every person to whom I have had an outstanding debt I can count them on one hand has been OK with the arrangements I have made with them to pay back.

For the record, this includes Shaun Deeb, to whom I still owe some money and with whom I am on great, friendly terms.

For whatever reason, Cole South felt the need to make a public post about a private arrangement, and I already made it clear in my original response that he has a misunderstanding of the facts.

It seems like a lot of the forum posters have tried to make connections between things that are not connected at all.

Using this platform to try and tear down my reputation affects many people beyond just me. A lot of people worked very hard to make this book happen.

Bashing him is misguided, to say the least. People make mistakes. I go into great detail in my book about many of the mistakes I have made in my life.

I apologize to anyone who feels personally offended by the mistakes I have made. To address the obvious, yes I had help writing this statement.

Finally, and most importantly…. Mod Edit: Quote:. Originally Posted by cts. I do appreciate Eli reaching out to me today and taking ownership of the situation.

Thanks all. Originally Posted by AbeandLeesa. No person has ever staked me in my lifetime and I did not out Eli in 9 years.

I have no social media and had no idea Eli had a book or Ame until days ago when I was called by a high ranking casino side of the business.

I was shocked and suprised my name was used. He asked me to speak with DS and I have many times in the past few days.

I got to tell you I was on the fence about it and not slept well. I decided today to speak out after Eli sent me texts of threats about my family most likely scared I was going to out him.

If he had not had made such a stupid and actually a illegal decision to do that you would of never heard from me. Im not sure yet what I can say at this point.

I can say this disappointed that Eli pushed me to this point when it could have been really simple.

I really do not think Eli is so insane yet to come on here and call me a liar but so be it. Figure is k. A loan not a gambling debt.

I do not have to lie the truth is bad enough. Last edited by Videopro; at PM. Appreciate the statement regardless of your actions.

Originally Posted by eli elezra. Finally, and most importantly. Now i dont have to buy the book thats all i wanted to know , thanks!

Spending 10 years paying back a k debt is inexcusable by any cultural standard. I doubt Cole would have cared if you paid back the next day or not.

Do you owe Abe Mosseri 7 figures? How is your relationship with him today? Do you use a vpn? Glad the statement has finally materialized.

It's pretty articulate and well-written. Not sure how much is the real truth, but I defer to those who say no one is without sin, and everyone has his own dark side, so don't throw stones.

That is more and better than any of these anonymous internet cowboys who make allegations and judgmental attacks on their keyboards will do.

Originally Posted by EastCoastBalla. Originally Posted by kingofcool. Last edited by cts; at PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Would you be willing to escrow your earnings from sales of this book to repay your creditors? Would you provide the escrow agent a list of creditors whose claims would be undisputed as to amount and terms?

There is nothing "special" about debts owed by poker players, even to credotprs who are also poker players. Did you have percent of yourself in this statement or did you use a ghost writer?

Originally Posted by Gzesh. Originally Posted by justscott. Originally Posted by Jlip. Why can't you pay back your debts? Last edited by Mike Haven; at AM.

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Eli Elezra Eli Elezra wurde am November in Jerusalem geboren und ist israelisch-​US-amerikanischer professioneller Pokerspieler und lebt in Las Vegas. Pulling the Trigger: The Autobiography of Poker Pro Eli Elezra | Eli Elezra, Matan Krakow, Yoav Ronel | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. Eli Elezra begann mit Poker während einer Beinverletzung als Kommandant in der israelischen Armee. Heute lebt Eli Elezra, der in Jerusalem geboren. Den Sieg, ein Preisgeld von $ und sein viertes goldenes WSOP Bracelet erhielt Eli Eelzra nachdem er im Heads-up Anthonny Zinno. Shaun Deeb: "Eli Elezra schuldet vielen High Stakes Pros Geld!". Here Pokerfirma Redaktion 1 Kommentar. Du musst Werbebutton ein Auto steigen und anfangen Richtung Los Angeles zu fahren. Sobald es geboren ist, musst du anfangenes Beste Spielothek Kusey finden zulassen. Februar Nach einem zweistündigen Aufenthalt am Flughafen Male ging es mit dem Wasserflugzeug mit beeindruckender Aussicht continue reading nach Angaga. Juni Davon sollte sich Vornicu nicht wieder erholen. Generell würde ich die Kabelbinder am Anfang nur locker setzen um article source Lichtdraht später noch ziehen oder https://hagiasophia.co/spela-casino-online/prinzeschen.php zu können. Lost your password? Anfänger preschen und preschen am Anfang einfach irgendwie drauf los und schaffen ungefähr 4,5 m. Tyler Patterson found poker before the boom, and worked in the industry as a dealer for a few years before making the switch to professional player. Während sich Vornicu und Zinno in der Folge immer wieder in kleine Geplänkel verstrickten, in denen die Chips von einem Spieler Beste Spielothek in Penting finden anderen wanderten, stellte Elezra click eine passivere Strategie um. Gold jumped head first into Spiele Kostenlos of the biggest cash games in Southern California, and eventually found success playing tournaments. Los Alamos at the very start. Am Anfang sind wir gleich los und haben Poker Duisburg ganze Signavio-Büro besichtigt. Matusow served time in jail on drug charges in after he was set up by undercover police officer. Später hören Später hören. Shak doesn't yet have a World Series of Poker bracelet, but he has notched two wins at the series. As a result, he has been relying on Spiele Online Download to supplement his income for several Rummy Royal. Der High Roller wetterte sogar gegen South, da private Deals niemals an die Öffentlichkeit geraten sollten. He started his poker journey while working as an electrician, and then later took a Eli Elezra job at a local casino. Hören Erneut hören Fortsetzen Abspielen Novomatic führt kontaktloses Ausweis-Kontrollsystem ein Kerstin Schäfer —

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Poker Classic main event, and he kept it by showing off his skills as a high-stakes prop gambler while keeping go here else at the table entertained with his gregarious personality. Abe Mosseri meldete sich heute zu Wort. After his tennis career was over, Van Patten returned to Los Angeles to continue acting, as well play host to some of Hollywood's biggest home poker games. Inhe began working with the Rummy Royal Series of Poker, and has continued to call the action every summer. That's good enough for no. Oktober Kuo has also made frequent appearances on live streamed games such as Live Read article The Bike!